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Bakery Style Bread:
Sweet Sourdough: This traditionally shaped loaf is a wonderful all purpose bread. It can be used as sandwich bread or toast, or it makes wonderful croutons or french toast.   $4
Pumpkin Pie Brioche: Sugar crusted, Lightly spiced and pumpkin-y, it's not your grandma's pumpkin bread! Try it warm with butter and cinnamon or in your breakfast cassarole for an extra flavor punch $6
Blueberry Banana: Sweetly simple, using local berries. This bread is very popular for snacking. $5
Artisan Loaves:
 Artisan loaves are handformed, round or oblong table loaves. Most of them are approximately 1lb and designed to be consumed in one day. 
Cheddar Garlic:  White flour makes this light and fluffy, with a savory garlic flavor that has made this one our best seller! $4
European Peasant:  A mixture of flours gives this bread a nice texture and depth of flavor. Goes especially well with soups and stews. $4
Light Whole Wheat: A healthier option with out all the texture of pure multi-grain breads. $4
Deli-Style Rye: It's the caraway that gives this rye bread it's traditional flavor, and the rye flour that gives it some texture. Excellent for your corned beef sandwich! $4
Dill Rye:  Depth of flavor and texture of the rye bread, with the savory flavor of dill. This is a great option for rye lovers who are not fans of caraway seed. $4
Honey Wheat: 100% Whole Wheat for those who prefer to steer clear of white flours $4
Herbed bread: A blend of herbs makes for a flavorful side to your entree. $4
Rosemary Beer Bread: Another whole wheat option, this one has a delightful savor to it. $4
Anadama Bread: A native american bread, it is made with cornmeal, wheat germ and molasses. A nicely textured, whole grain, dark bread.  $4
Dried Tomato Flatbread: Salty, Crispy and savory flatbread  $2
Pumpernickel: Lightly sweet, dark rye bread  $4
Pumpkin Berry:  Made with oats, this bread includes craisens.  Excellent for turkey sandwiches! $4
Chocolate: Large round loaves can be hollowed out for chocolate fondue, or slice and serve with your favorite GVA jam! $6
Harvest Apple Cheddar:  New this fall, this is quickly becoming a favorite! Sharp cheddar and apples work together as a flavorful pair, and a sugar crust gives it a sweet crunchy top. $5
Challah: Braided and beautiful! $6
**minimum orders may apply depending on current sales opportunities.
Preservative Free Jam
Handcrafted jams are always preservative free and  are made with fresh local organic fruit whenever possible.  Jars are $4/ 8 oz (half pint), but you can special order in larger sizes or batches. Contact us for pricing.
Flavors include:
Wild Blackberry 
Sugar Free Blackberry
Strawberry Zinger (Strawberry Jalapeno)--NEW!
Sugar Free Strawberry
Monkey Mash (Best Seller!)
Red Raspberry
Sugar Free Red Raspberry ---NEW!
Kiwi Kiss--NEW!
Peachy Keen
Blue Hula   (Blueberry-Pinapple)
Flavors are occasionally offered as sugar free, but most can be made by the batch sugar free by special order.  A batch makes roughly 4 pts. Sugar free jams do not have splenda, are only sweetened with apple or white grape juice. Contact us! We want to work with you!
More flavors of bread and jam are being developed all the time! Watch this space for new flavors as they come out
Other Products
Savory Meat Rub $2.50:
 Rub into your favorite grilling meat and it will caramalize and add spice and savor.  Delicious and easy! 6 oz
Frozen Pizza Dough $4:  a new product, this is a frozen ball of dough that you will thaw and roll out into a 12-14 inch pie at home.  Available in Plain, Whole Wheat, Cheddar Garlic, Italian Cheesy herb
Krunchy Kroutons-Available in a variety of flavors.  ***out of stock***
Cinni-Snackers-Cinnamon-y sweet and crunchy. Compliment your sweet salad or just eat for a snack.***out of stock***
Crostini-Cracker sized and crunchy for appetizers or snacking. **out of stock*
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