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Product Ideas and Recipes
How about a few ideas for using our products in creative ways? Send me your ideas too, and I'll add them here.
Pizza Dough instructions: Unwrap the dough ball and place in a bowl or on a plate. Let thaw in the refrigerator several hours. When it starts to rise or spread, or change shape at all, it's ready to roll out. It should be easily squished or poked.
Preheat your oven to 425, and depending on how much toppings you have put on it, it should take 10-12 min. A lot of the timing depends on how thin you roll the crust and how much toppings you have. You'll need to watch it a little the first time :)
Sourdough is the most versatile product.  Besides being fantastic with our jams for breakfast, here's what else you can do with it.
*As a sandwich bread, the sweet of the bread is great with the salty of your lunch meat. I prefer a turkey bacon club--yum!
*French toast is fast in the morning when you make it ahead.  I usually take a whole loaf (or more!) at a time and slice it up for french toast.   It works best if the bread is a few days old--if it lasts that long at your house!  I make a whole loaf at a time, let it cool, and whatever is not eaten, I layer it between wax paper, put in a freezer bag and stick it in the freezer. In the morning, from the freezer to the toaster to the table in less then 5 min. 
*For another morning spin, use it to make Egg in a Basket. This goes by many names, like "Toad in the Hole" and "Egg Toast".  Slice off a piece of bread, and cut a small hole in the center. I use a spoon, but a small biscuit cutter would work too.  Lay the bread in a hot oiled pan and then crack an egg into the center hole.  Once the egg gets cooked a little, flip the whole thing over so both sides are toasted.   I like mine with syrup.

*Have you, for some reason, forgotten your sourdough in the back of your refrigerator? As long as there are no moldy spots it's still good, just stale.  Don't throw it away!  It makes really good Panko and grates up easily.  Grate it up and store in the freezer until you are ready to use it.
Artisan bread is not only great with your meals as a side, but can be sliced diagonally for sandwiches as well. 
*Open faced sandwiches-top your favorite bread with any number of toppings and pop into the oven or toaster oven.   My favorite is the Rosemary Beer bread, topped with mozzerella, a slice of tomato, and sprinkled with dried basil and oregano. 
*Try the cheddar garlic topped with red sauce, mozzerella, and pizza toppings.
*Use crostini like a cracker. Top with hummus, dip into veggie dip, etc.
*Chocolate bread fluffer-nutter
Finally, an unusual recipe with jam:  Instead of the oft-used grape jelly addition to meatloaf (you've done that one, right?), I used Wild Blackberry Jam instead.  Wow, what a different spin.  Loved it!  
I have not had a chance to try these ideas from my customers.  Have you?
Strawberry Zinger or Blue Hula as a meat marinade
Blackberry Jam cake
Other products:
Grilling out does not get much easier than using our Spicy Meat Rub! It is as simple as coating your thawed meat in it and tossing it on the grill. Any kind of meat will work, chicken, pork, beef or fish.  It is not "hot" spicy. It has a sugar base that caramalizes on the grill for savory/sweet coating that is super tasty.  You will love it if you try it!

Kristi Mathes says that they love the Spicy Meat Rub on everything. They even have tried mixing it in with the ground beef before pressing it out into hamburgers. She said it was amazing!

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