Grandview Acres -
What's Happening!
It's nearly time for this year's market! Fox Park Fair market starts May 11th, and will be open Tues and Friday evenings from 3-6.  Come see us!   Until then, we are rocking and rolling on our  weekly special orders. Let me know if you need something and we will make it happen.
The kitchen construction project is nearly complete! It's taking almost a whole year, but we are in the homestretch and will be up and running before this year's season starts. Hallelujah!
You can follow our progress by visiting the facebook page, or by checking out the blog page. 
Sponsors: In no particular order, the following people have generously given us monetary donations toward reaching our goals. Please consider giving them some business if your needs arise.
Dale McCray-Natural Light Productions (photographer)        423-329-3449
Shannon Miller and Dale Thompson- Peace and Plenty Aromatherapy LLC
Justin and Brianna Slauson
Kevin and Kelly Brown
Rowena Luthy
Michael and Rhonda Gann
Larry and Joy Allen
Brian and Holly Click Andrew Johnson Insurance
Brenda Foster
Andrea Weiss
Mary Goldman
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