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Bakery Style Bread:

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Sweet Sourdough: This traditionally shaped loaf is a wonderful all purpose bread. It can be used as sandwich bread or toast, or it makes wonderful croutons or french toast.   $5.00

Light Wheat Sweet Sourdough: Deliciously flavored, with half white flour, half wheat flour. $5.00
Cinnamon Swirl: Your favorite, Sweet Sourdough with a big swirl of butter, cinnamon and sugar. *special order only  $5.00
Sourdough rolls: Now bite sized! Best if served the same day they are made, so be sure and call ahead for these. $5.00/doz
Pumpkin Pie Brioche: Sugar crusted, Lightly spiced and pumpkin-y, it's not your grandma's pumpkin bread! Try this yeast bread warm with butter and cinnamon or in your breakfast cassarole for an extra flavor punch Fall/Winter Season or by special order $6
Blueberry Banana: Sweetly simple, using local berries when available. This bread is very popular for snacking. $7 per large/$3.00
 Pumpkin Chip:  The sweet spice of pumpkin kicked up with mini chocolate chips.  A new customer fave! Fall/Winter Season or by special order $8/$3.00
Double Chocolate Zuchini: Sneak a veggie in your kid! This chocolate bread has chocolate chips and is super moist and delicious. $8/$3.00
Maple Oatmeal: Sweet, Textured, breakfasty goodness. $5

Amish Friendship Bread: All of the cinnamon goodness, none of the hassle of starters. $8/$3.00

Lemon Poppy Seed:  Moist and refreshing! $8/$3.00

Rosemary Olive Oil:  As featured at the open of a local coffee house, this one is a hit with turkey for a sandwich--or any other function you wish to use it for.  $6.00 lg pan loaf, $5.00peasant loaf
Artisan Loaves:
Artisan loaves or "peasant loaves" are handformed, round or oblong, table loaves. Most of them are approximately 1.25 lb and designed to be consumed in one or two days. They do freeze and thaw well and are wonderful toasted.  Most of them have a crispy crust and a hearty, custard  crumb.  This is just a sampling--new flavors are developed and offered all the time!
Cheddar Garlic:  White flour makes this lighter and fluffy, with a savory garlic flavor and baked in cheddar that has made this one of our best sellers! $5.00
Deli-Style Rye: It's the caraway that gives this rye bread it's traditional flavor, and the rye flour that gives it some texture. Excellent for your corned beef sandwich! $5.00

Dill Rye:  Depth of flavor and texture of the rye bread, with the savory flavor of dill. This is a great option for rye lovers who are not fans of caraway seed. $5.00
Rosemary Beer Bread: Another whole wheat option, this one has a delightful savor to it. $5.00
Garden Tomato: This seasonal summer bread is made with locally grown, roasted tomatoes and is infused with a blend of italian cheeses and freshly grown, organic basil from my own garden. $6
Bavarian Pumpernickel: Customer favorite!  Dark, traditionally heavy and slightly bitter. $5.00
Pumpkin Berry:  Made with oats, this bread includes craisens.  Excellent for turkey sandwiches! Seasonally available during the holidays $5
Guacamole: Avocado and locally grown tomatoes blend with whole wheat for a smokey flavor. Excellent with chili. $5
Challah: A tradional Jewish bread, it's braided and beautiful! $6
Tomato Foccacia: Like a deep dish pizza crust, with cheese and herbs baked in and topped with local tomatoes. $6.00

Mediterranean Foccacia: Organic, local tomatoes (in season) black olives and feta cheese makes this bread a light meal all on it's own.  $6.00

Many artisan flavors can be made into a bread bowl for your soups and dips. Just ask! They can also be  formed into traditional pan loaves instead of round boules, but the cost will be adjusted due to different weight requirements.


Cinnamon Rolls
Tender and sweet, these will start your morning off right.  Icing has a mild orange flavor. Can be ordered without icing or it can be purchased on the side. Please call ahead! $6/pan of 4 rolls

Pumpkin Rolls
Seasonal goodness and a lush cream cheese filling.  $10 available September-Dec

Whatever you need, we want to try to serve and make you happy and satisfied!
New flavors introduced regularly  throughout peak market season. Weekly specials and new flavors announced weekly on our facebook page.
**minimum orders may apply depending on current sales opportunities.
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