Grandview Acres -
Gourmet Jams and Jellies

Our jams and jellies are made using as many local fruits as possible! We love to forage, or trade products for the fruit from unwanted trees.

These jams are $5.00 for 8 oz jar:
Strawberry Zinger (Strawberry-Jalapeno)
Sugar Free Strawberry
Wild Blackberry
Red Raspberry
Black Raspberry
Peachy Keen
Pure Grape
Dandelion (in season)
Yum Cherry (in season)

These jams are $5 and include liquor. They are our "Spiked" line:
Drunken Peach (Peaches, Vanilla Bean, Rum)
Strawberry Margarita (Strawberries, Lime Juice, Bourbon)
Bananas Foster (Bananas, Vanilla, Butter Flavor, Rum)

Other Products:

Spice it Up! grilling rub, Dip it In! Dipping spices, Old Fashioned cakes, Pizza dough by the pound, occasional fresh produce or fruit, Fudge and confections....Whatever ideas catch my fancy! Be sure to check out the other pages!
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