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June 2011

Quick update: Added products

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we have completed the first batches of both regular Wild Blackberry Jam and the Sugar Free Wild Blackberry Jam.  Both will be available for purchase at the market this weekend or by special order for those of you that are not local (or can't make it to market).

I have also brought back the savory meat rub that has not been sold since early in the year last season.  Makes for a fast dinner when you can just thaw your chicken breasts, pork chops or steaks, quickly rub on some of the Savory Meat Rub and toss on the grill.

It's Blackberry time!

Long awaited, but they have finally arrived!  About two weeks later then usual, they have come on after this weeks rain.  However, beginning tonight we will be gearing up for this weekends markets, so we will not be able to really get in there and pick/process them until Saturday evening.  Look for them next weekend!

Keith spent the early part of this week over in Nashville visiting family, so we have not made any additional progress on the building. However, we have recieved a great donation amount and we should now have enough to get the electrical part complete!

It's Electric!

The past week has brought little visible change to the building, but progress none the less. Keith has been working on getting the electrical wiring installed and has been replacing some trim peices on the outside.  In addition, we were gifted with a refrigerator! (Thanks Mike and Rhonda!) We did have a refrigerator, but this one is bigger and nicer and now we will be able to have one more "dedicated" item for the gluten free area as that comes together.  It also gives us more freezer space for fruit set aside to make jam with over the winter, so we can hopefully get closer to our goal of using mostly locally grown fruit.

The NEW and IMPROVED Update Page!

Big stuff happening here, and to keep all of you in the loop, I have decided to add this blog page. It will allow me to add more pictures and make longer posts.
I received word today that thanks to our new Representative Jeremy Faison's efforts on behalf of all area small farms we are now fully legal to sell our products!! 
The state government has amended the laws that did not allow us to sell at local farmers markets, and has even made it ok to give out samples!! This is exciting news for our local market and farmers!
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