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The expansion

Soft Opening

This is one of those good news/bad news posts.

Since it's always better to focus on the positive, let's have the good news first.

I have moved into my kitchen! That's right, I have been baking in it for about two weeks now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I can't believe how much more efficient I am now that I am not dodging kids, hunting my utensils down (put away by a helpful child in some random place) and/or shoving someone's lunch out of my way.  It makes me want to dance a jig, and my new kitchen is so spacious, there is plenty of room to do just that!

The end is near

Well, my intrepid contractor (Keith) has gotten a head of steam and that building is really coming along!  It has power and everything.  Even now, he's installing the overhead lights.  The drywall is complete in the main room and he hopes to be mudding this week and maybe even painting by this coming weekend.  Completion is so close!   I am so looking forward to kicking of this year's market season in my new kitchen.  Will I be doubling my production or will I be halving my working hours?

It's the "off" season, right?

We may be done with weekly marketing, but things are still clickin around here! I have had steady special orders and I am thrilled about it. I can deliver locally right up to the holiday since we are going to be in town and have no special plans.
Keith has been able to really dedicate some time to the building project.  The electrical inspector is scheduled for Monday, so that will be a huge step.  Keith has also been hanging drywall, so we are really getting close.  The goal is to have it finished in Jan--I hope nothing major prevents that, I am really ready to get in there and begin working on the gluten free line of products.

How can it be August?

Hello again!  What with being elbow deep in berries and peaches, progress on our building has been slow. We have acquired many components, but have not had the time to put them all together.  The roof received a bit of damage in a storm, and Keith was able to repair it.  He has been continuing to work on the electrical as he can, and we are nearly to the point of being able to turn it on! We are hoping that this weeks sales will be enough that we can afford to pay the $300 deposit that the power company is going to require (isn't THAT crazy?

Berry Time 2.0

Things are always hopping here at the farm! Blackberry season started late, but seems to be ending on time. I have a freezer chock full so I should not run out of blackberry jam this year. Even though the season was short, God provided us with a new field to pick from, so we have the same amount of berries or more then usual. We chose not to sell the whole berries this year, only keep them inventory.  We are now going to start trying to fill the coffers with blueberries, and I should have restocked the two blueberry flavors this week.

The NEW and IMPROVED Update Page!

Big stuff happening here, and to keep all of you in the loop, I have decided to add this blog page. It will allow me to add more pictures and make longer posts.
I received word today that thanks to our new Representative Jeremy Faison's efforts on behalf of all area small farms we are now fully legal to sell our products!! 
The state government has amended the laws that did not allow us to sell at local farmers markets, and has even made it ok to give out samples!! This is exciting news for our local market and farmers!
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