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Updating a bit

Thought I'd stop by and give the website a little lift! I have updated the product list with as much as I can, but unfortunately, I have more products than I have room!
 This season, I have been doing Old Fashioned cakes like Zucchini Chocolate Cakes,  and Blackberry Jam Cakes.  I have been doing different quick breads like Grandma's Zucchini Cake with nuts, and Peach bread in addition to the Blueberry Banana that is a weekly standard. These items won't fit on my product page!

Autumn in the Smokies

It's the first day of fall, and the kickoff of my fall bread line!
Summer season is beginning to wind down, and the local farmers are hoping their late cold crops do well.  We had a great summer with lots of rain. There is still plenty of produce down at the market--squash and pumpkins mixed in with the tomatoes that are still plentiful.  It's shaping up to be a great year for color since we have had lots of rain this summer.  In just a few weeks, it's going to be amazing!

Knee Deep

We are knee deep into our summer season!  Blackberries have been beautiful and plentiful, but are really getting parched. This is the first season in several years that we have had enough to sell as whole berries at our market stand.  We have a freezer full and should have enough to last the rest of the year, and as long as they hang on, we'll be picking them.
Very soon, we need to move into blueberry picking which we do off location, but still local if we can.  Our neighbor generously gives us access to peaches and grapes and those will be coming in soon as well.

It's the "off" season, right?

We may be done with weekly marketing, but things are still clickin around here! I have had steady special orders and I am thrilled about it. I can deliver locally right up to the holiday since we are going to be in town and have no special plans.
Keith has been able to really dedicate some time to the building project.  The electrical inspector is scheduled for Monday, so that will be a huge step.  Keith has also been hanging drywall, so we are really getting close.  The goal is to have it finished in Jan--I hope nothing major prevents that, I am really ready to get in there and begin working on the gluten free line of products.

Quick update: Added products

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we have completed the first batches of both regular Wild Blackberry Jam and the Sugar Free Wild Blackberry Jam.  Both will be available for purchase at the market this weekend or by special order for those of you that are not local (or can't make it to market).

I have also brought back the savory meat rub that has not been sold since early in the year last season.  Makes for a fast dinner when you can just thaw your chicken breasts, pork chops or steaks, quickly rub on some of the Savory Meat Rub and toss on the grill.

It's Blackberry time!

Long awaited, but they have finally arrived!  About two weeks later then usual, they have come on after this weeks rain.  However, beginning tonight we will be gearing up for this weekends markets, so we will not be able to really get in there and pick/process them until Saturday evening.  Look for them next weekend!

Keith spent the early part of this week over in Nashville visiting family, so we have not made any additional progress on the building. However, we have recieved a great donation amount and we should now have enough to get the electrical part complete!
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